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Welcome to Varanger – In the far north and as far east as you can go in Norway, where the sky meets the sea, lies Varanger, bathed in the midnight sun and the northern lights of winter. Here the wild landscape meanders through bird-nesting cliffs,  fishing villages, and rugged headlands – out to the end of the world. Nature offers rivers teeming with fish, snow-clad plains, exotic king crabs, birds breeding in spring, leaping salmon, the shining sea, and dancing northern lights.

People and traditions make Varanger an Arctic melting pot of communities and cultures. Varanger is a different experience. Scenery and settlements, the light, the colours, the lofty sky and wide horizon, exciting activities – and the open people.



Hiking Sør-Varanger

Hurtigruten, the Norwegian Coastal Voyage, calls at Berlevåg, Båtsfjord, Vardø, and Vadsø in Varanger. Hurtigruten turns around in Kirkenes and goes back to Bergen in Fjord Norway, calling at the same ports on the way back, except Vadsø.

Varanger is the world’s easiest accessible arctic birding destination. In Varanger you have the northern taiga, tundra and arctic coastline in one destination. 

Within a day’s drive, you can experience the pine grosbeaks in the taiga, and see a wide variety of spcies on the tundra of the Varanger peninsula.

King Crab Safari

Get on board a traditonal fishing boat or a sailboat and have a fabulous day at the king crabs’ kingdom!

King crabs can weigh up to 15 kg and on this trip you will be served a delicious meal prepared from this delicacy.

Grense Jakobselv


At the Borderland Museum one can explore theme exhibitions connected to local history. We present the history of the settlement and development of the region, from its origin as a common territory between Russia, Finland and Norway, to a Norwegian border municipality with a complex culture.

The Museum’s war exhibition contains, among other things, the Russian fighter plane Ilyushin; and presents the war history of Kirkenes and the border regions.


The Borderland Museum is located together with the Savio Museum, dedicated to the art of the Sami artist John Savio (1902-1938). The Borderland museum has a café and a museum store with a wide selection of literature on local history.

The Borderland Museums  library is open by appointment for searches in the photo archive or for the study of local historical subjects






Andersgrotta was a shelter for Norway’s most heavily bombed city Kirkenes. During the Second World War, the air raid siren sounded in Kirkenes, Norway over 1000 times, and the town was bombed on 328 occasions.

To escape the death and destruction, the people of Kirkenes decided to construct a bomb shelter with enough room for 2500 people.





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