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Berlevåg is an active fishing community at 70° N on the Arctic Ocean. The inhabitants live in the fishing villages of Kongsfjord and Berlevåg, where they work with fishing, fish processing, trade and public and private services. Both locals and tourists are fascinated by the ever-changing light and weather-conditions, surrounded by a huge coastal landscape and unique geology.

The sea has made its mark on this open landscape, which allows for a whole world of activities from bird watching, salmon fishing, hunting, diving, picking berries and walking in the mountains or on beaches, no matter which season.




The huge Berlevåg breakwaters Impressive harbour defences built with thousands of 4-armed concrete blocks, or tetrapods.

The Revnes breakwaters at Berlevåg quay is easily accessible also for the disabled.

Varanger is the world’s easiest accessible arctic birding destination. In Varanger you have the northern taiga, tundra and arctic coastline in one destination. 

Within a day’s drive, you can experience the pine grosbeaks in the taiga, and see a wide variety of spcies on the tundra of the Varanger peninsula.

The Kjølnes Lighthouse is located near the seaward entrance to Berlevåg, and is easily visible from a great distance, both from the sea and land. The station is situated on a spit in a barren and magnificent landscape. The tall white painted lighthouse tower is easily visible from the fishing village Berlevåg. The lighthouse was founded in 1916, but destroyed when the Germans withdrew from Finnmark in the autumn of 1944.


Another quaint village is Kongsfjord, also with old houses around a cozy shop with a coffee corner. Colorful as they are, they dot the barren landscape. From here, there are several easy walks to the WWII remnants, Sami graves, and rich birdlife.

Arctic Glasstudio is a local handicraft-enterprise where we work with the ancient material glass and create modern utensils and decorative objects. We scratch, break, cut and grind the glass carefully, and melt it in the heat of the kiln several times in order to achieve products of high quality.

Workshops for individuals and small groups (max. 8 pers.), bigger groups by appointment. The Arctic Glasstudio also sell theirs products in the stylish shop.

Berlevåg Havnemuseum Exhibitions about the construction of the harbour, fishing, shipping, the World War II and archeological excavations. 20 min film about building the breakwaters, Old shuttleboat and locomotive on display.

The road

The road between Kongsfjord and Berlevåg Follow the storm-beaten coast through wild fjord scenery. The eroded landscape is characterized by mountains and cliffs, tilted and folded layers of sandstone and shale, and several ancient raised shorelines — an eldorado for geologists.





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