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The plateaus stretch as far as the eye can see. This is a land of blockfields, bogs and lush valleys. Varangerhalvøya National Park is partly situated in a low Arctic climate zone in a landscape that was formed before the last Ice Age. 

Varangerhalvøya offers many exciting hiking options. The Arctic landscape is suitable for both hiking and skiing. We have many excellent fishing rivers. It is important to be aware that the paths in the park are not marked, so you’ll need to be able to use a map and compass.

Make the most of your trip to Varanger, enjoy guided walking tours, learn about the landscape, flora, and fauna from your guide as you walk. The walking distance is from  4 km, suitable for all levels of fitness with an amazing view and many chances to be in contact with nature and its beauty; a soothing walk to enjoy the silence, while admiring extraordinary scenery and landscapes. 

With each step you take, the natural scenery will change before your eyes, and there will always be a beautiful surprise awaiting you. The proposed hike is suitable for everyone, and isn’t overly difficult.This excursion is for those who, because of day-to-day stress, no longer have the patience to wait, to listen, for those who are no longer used to closely observing their surroundings.Going on foot isn’t monotonous or boring. It will help you synchronize with nature and with yourself. With every footstep, the panorama will transform in front of you, and you will be constantly amazed by the variation.


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